The e-procurement system of all the states wherein Bank has carried out system assessment and found acceptable are as follows:

  • NIC system – all installations
  • Govt. of Karnataka – State system supported by HP Sales
  • Govt. of Punjab – Tenderwizard system of KEONICS, supported by ITI Ltd. and NIC system
  • Govt. of Gujarat – nCode system for NCB only. (Not approved for ICB)
  • Govt. of Madhya Pradesh – Tenderwizard system of KEONICS , supported by TCS
  • Govt. of Bihar – Tenderwizard system of KEONICS, supported by BELTRON
  • Govt. of Goa – Tenderwizard system of KEONICS, supported by Info Tech Corporation of Goa
  • PowerGrid Corporation – ElectronicTender system supported by TCIL
  • Damoder Valley Corporation – NexTender system
  • Puducherry – Tenderwizard system of KEONICS and NIC system
  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways & NHAI – C1 system

Govt. of Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana’s State e-procurement portal are not cleared by Bank. Projects in these States may use NIC’s Central Public Procurement Portal.